November 13, 2013

How to: Hipster Edition

Hipsterism (is that even a word?) is a way of thinking as well as a fashion sensibility. Independent thinking, counter-culture, and anti-mainstream are just a few of the main forces that drive the movement. True hipsters thrive on listening to remote music no one's ever heard of and dressing in vintage, thrift store finds. But the general term is also used to refer to those who enjoy art, creativity, witty banter, and intelligence. (My kind of people!)

So here are the style basics…

Stay away from name brands.
No names should be splattered, well, anywhere on you. Vague is vogue. Think anti-mainstream.

Grab a slouchy beanie.
'Nuff said. Pick a pop of color that compliments your you look amazing in plum? cream? blue?

Get a bit of plaid in there would ya?
Top off a (fairly) loose tee with a plaid shirt. Voila!

Speaking of tops...
Think high/low, denim!, crew necks, extra long cardigans, cozy knit sweaters, and anything billowy/flowy.

Get your skinnies on!
Guys too!

Black-rimmed glasses (they sell non-prescription ones at Claire's and The Icing), scarves (one in every color!), Keds, flat ankle boots, a bow tie necklace perhaps...I really could go on...

Don't try too hard. :)
I am guilty of this. I often put together a look and it's just too...matchy-matchy...too pristine. There is such a thing. You want to leave a piece missing and enjoy the incomplete puzzle. The fabulous Coco Chanel reminds us of this in her widely-repeated quote "When accessorizing, always take off the last thing you put on."

Shop it.
H&M is now officially open at Meadowood Mall! Someone (me) is excited. There are also fabulous finds online with brands like ASOS, American Apparel, and Urban Outfitters. There's no need to spend alot of money on a new wardrobe though...that's one of the great things about the style. It may be better if you don't spend more than $5 on an outfit, and that's a rare concept in the world of fashion. You can find amazing pieces at thrift stores around town or at bargain stores like Ross.

You now have the basics - Now go be your cool self.

Until next time!
Cheers from 775 Fashion Avenue

How could I not...I mean, really. :)