December 10, 2012

Spotlight - Forever 21

What:  The highlighting of a particular store and a popular article of clothing
Where:  Why, here of course!
When:  Riiight now

Style:  Crew neck sweaters, which are very much "in" at the moment

There's girly...
Forever 21

And sporty...
Forever 21

The Basics...
Forever 21

And all manner of fun patterns...
Forever 21

Which one suits you?

Cheers from 775 Fashion Avenue.

December 2, 2012

Keep a Lookout

A few nights ago I finished watching The September Issue, which is a documentary about the making of the most important issue of American Vogue in 2007...the month of September. September's slated as the start of fashion for the year...the January of fashion, as it were.

I feel like I should have seen this film ages ago, just for the inside look into the world of fashion and magazine editing. Amid the blur of stunning photography and insanely creative designs, one moment really stood out to me. 

Grace Coddington (Creative Director at Vogue) shared some advice given to her from a photographer she had worked with in the past. He told her to always keep your eyes open (never sleep in the car, for instance) and always observe what's right outside your window because you never know what may inspire you.

I don't know this man but I want to give him a high five! Or something equally as cheesy as it is appreciative. This simple advice, taken literally or figuratively, is what drives imagination and discovery. Both are invaluable aspects of fashion as well as every day life. To me, it was a reminder to drive out complacency and to see the world anew.

Yes, the film was all about Vogue fashion which may or may not be your cup of tea. But I guess I'd just like to encourage you to find the thing that makes your imagination run wild. Find out your passions and see the amazing places they can lead you. And always keep a lookout for inspiration. 

Cheers from 775 Fashion Avenue.